Northwest registered agent review

Northwest registered agent review: Features, Pricing, and More

Startup procedures for limited liability companies in any state can be complex and exhausting. Northwest Registered Agent Service, one of the reputable LLC formation companies, is a good choice for many people because of their pricing, speed and simplicity. In this Northwest Registered Agent Service review, you will learn why they are an excellent choice during the LLC formation process and how you can get help with any questions or issues.

What Is Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent’s services include registered agent services and business formation. The company is family-owned and operated, neither a startup nor a legacy company. To ensure you always get a live person to help, it puts a high value on the human aspect of its operation.

Getting started with Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation services is very easy. Visit their website, select the company to complete the process, and then select the type of business you want to form.

When you have selected your state, you’ll need to choose whether you want to pay for seven or one day of processing. Once you’ve paid and submitted essential documentation about you and your business, the company will register your business for you.

What Northwest Registered Agent does?

Northwest Registered Agent provides qualified registered agents for businesses to form, adjust, or register their business legally.

1. LLC formation

Northwest Registered Agent’s $39 fee plus state fees include a one-year Free Registered Agent service. Your LLC will be officially created once Northwest files the Articles of Organization with the state government.

Northwest provides free Annual Report reminders, mail scanning, uploading, and lifetime customer service with every order.

2. EIN Number

In the case of an SSN or ITIN, Northwest will obtain your EIN Number for $50.

3. Name Availability Search

Northwest Registered Agent offers resources to help users check for name availability in their chosen state. This ensures that you’ll have a legally valid name to do business with. It also provides information on securing an available name on your behalf. If you don’t wish to operate under your legal name, the company can also file a doing business as (DBA) name.

4. Incorporation Service

Northwest Registered Agent provides essential incorporation services and business formation. Whether you are an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit doesn’t matter. Northwest Registered Agent can help. To raise capital, some business owners must register as a corporation, which is more expensive than registering an LLC.

5. Northwest registered agent services.

Registered agent services are the company’s bread and butter, for which the company is named. It ensures all legal documentation is handled properly and timely and can coordinate with the state on your behalf.

6. Online Document Access

Through its registered service business, the company allows you to access all your business formation or legal documents online whenever needed. This helps keep you organized and helps you have a centralized location to store your legal documents.

7. Northwest Registered Agent Turnaround Time

Northwest Registered Agent LLC impressed our experts with its speed because it is one of the best LLC formation services available. Typically, Northwest files business formation papers within a day or two in most states. Their paperwork is handled quickly, and delays are usually due to differences in state filing requirements. 

In most cases, approval of your business name or LLC name with the Registered Agent takes two to seven days after your papers have been properly submitted.

8. Articles of Organization

You must likely file your Articles of Organization with the state whenever you form an LLC. It is a document detailing the ownership interests and management rights, and responsibilities of all parties involved in the business when it is formed. Upon registering your LLC, the company can provide you with this information.

Northwest Registered Agent Pricing and Plans

The no-nonsense approach of Northwest Registered Agent carries over to our single-paid plan. Northwest charges $225 for filing your LLC in your state, state fees, and an additional fee for one- or seven-day processing if you select the “Pay In Full” option.


A DIY plan is not a but can be found on Northwest Registered Agent’s website. The DIY plan gives you access to documentation that you can use to file your LLC through a free account. Unless you need registered agent services, nobody at the company will help you through the process.

Paid Plan

In this plan, Northwest Registered Agent provides all the services you need to register your LLC.

You don’t need to lift a finger to get your business registered with your state. Your LLC paperwork will be completed and filed with your state in seven days or less, and compliance filing, operating agreement, and much more will be taken care of for you.

Your business will be registered with the state without you having to lift a finger. You will pay a filing service fee, processing fee, and registered agent fee for one year.

Additional features

Northwest does not offer many necessary add-ons for those just starting. You may need an EIN, but getting your ID number is free. The $50 cost may be worth it if you don’t have time to search for the applications and file yourself. In any business formation service, you are paying for convenience.

Northwest provides the services Northwest provides, so your information isn’t shared or sold to any other company. Northwest only works with third-party services, such as couriers and attorneys, to file legal documents.

There are add-ons available during checkout, so the $225 fee is slightly higher than low-priced plans from other business formation companies. It isn’t hard to sell those add-ons; they are primarily opt-in, so if any renew after a year, don’t be surprised.

From Northwest Registered Agent, you may want to consider the following add-ons:

  • Compliance filing: $100
  • EIN filing: $50
  • S-corp filing: $100
  • Mail forwarding: $20 per month
  • Virtual office: $29 per month
  • Virtual phone service: $9 per month
  • Corporate supplies: $15 to $125

Northwest registered agent pros and cons


  • No-pressure upsells: Northwest Registered Agent may have the slightest pressure to add on all business formation services. The company focuses primarily on registered agent services, so forming an LLC adds another revenue stream.
  • Easy checkout process: The Northwest Registered Agent website makes it easy to select the services you need and get started.
  • Never sell your data: When you form your business with Northwest Registered Agent, you can be confident that your information is secure and protected.
  • Transparent fees: It may not be the cheapest solution, but Northwest Registered Agent is probably the most transparent.
  • Customer reviews: The customers of Northwest Registered Agent are delighted with their experience.


  • EIN service costs money: It’s simple enough to do on your own that you don’t need to pay a company to do it for you. Many services offer EIN registration for free.
  • Add-ons can get pricey: Besides business formation, the company needs to add more services beyond the initial offering.
  • Not BBB accredited: The fact that this company validates that it is safe to work with could be a deal-breaker for some customers.

Why Northwest Registered Agent is the best choice?

Here are a few reasons Northwest Registered Agent is the best.

1. No confusing packages.

You get what you see with Northwest Registered Agent. In other words, they don’t have confusing LLC packages, they don’t upsell you, and there’s no hidden fee. That’s what they mean by “We’re just not annoying.”

Their LLC formation packages and Registered Agent services are the most affordable in the industry.

In most cases, companies confuse their packages and trick you into paying more (often for unnecessary services).

2. Information about you isn’t sold

Northwest’s policy is not to sell your personal information to other companies for profit.

Information provided by customers is protected at all costs by Northwest Registered Agent. In addition to not selling your information to other companies, they disguise it as an “Accounting Consultation” (which is a sales pitch to a company using aggressive sales tactics) and do not disguise it as an “Accounting Consultation.”

3. You can use their address for privacy

You can see your LLC’s address on public records with the Secretary of State if you file Articles of Organization, Certificates of Organization, or Certificates of Formation.

As a result, Google searches (since the state database is public) and other websites may begin to display it. If you hire Northwest Registered Agent, instead of using your home address for your LLC filing, you can use their business address and keep your address off public records.

4. 365 days of free registered agent service

Northwest ($39 + state fee) includes Registered Agent services for free for the first year you form an LLC with them.

After that, Northwest’s Registered Agent service will cost you $125. You can cancel this automatically every year as part of your customized dashboard. Your LLC has no status change when you cancel services with Northwest. Instead, you’ll have to appoint a new Registered Agent with the state and file a change of Registered Agent filing.

5. They are LLC experts

It is likely that when you call most other companies in this industry, you will speak with a sales representative who barely comprehends the meaning of a Registered Agent or how to form an LLC.

In contrast, Northwest has no sales reps. Everyone in the company supports customers. There’s no dedicated sales team. When you call, you get a friendly, knowledgeable person. You can reach their customer service team at 509-435-9053, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 8 pm Eastern (6 am to 5 pm Pacific).

6. Ease of Use

Per our team members’ Northwest Registered Agent reviews and experiences, their website was straightforward. With their packages, it is also easy to set up your business. You only have to submit the paperwork and business information needed, and the registered agent will file it quickly.

Northwest Registered Agent Review Conclusion

As well as having a relatively high price point, Northwest is an excellent option for business owners seeking to form an LLC. The advantage Northwest offers over its competitors is its excellent customer service. Northwest Registered Agent’s premium service will outweigh the extra cost if you file your LLC through our service.


Is it necessary to have a registered agent to operate my business?

Hiring an agent to serve as a registered agent isn’t necessary, but having one is a requirement for operating corporations, LLCs, and partnerships. For example, the ability to operate in multiple states is one of the many benefits of using registered agent services.

How much does Northwest Registered Agent cost?

Depending on which services you need, the price ranges from $100 to $225. You can be billed annually or monthly. Several other products and services are available for $9 to $125.

Can I use a virtual address for my LLC?

A registered agent and a business address are required for every LLC. The business address can be a virtual address, but the registered agent has to have a physical address and be available to accept mail during business hours.

Is Northwest Registered Agent legit?

Yes. They have been around for over 20 years and have an outstanding BBB Business Profile.

Their customer service is excellent, and they don’t sell customer data or disclose your address to the public.

Can I cancel my Northwest Registered Agent service?

You can cancel any service with Northwest Registered Agent by logging into your account on the website.